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Welcome to the Partners zone!
Welcome to the Affiliate/Partner zone at MIDIculous LLC. Here is where you will have an opportunity to become a partner with us. We have an exciting array of products and services for you to choose from. This is one of the most exciting products for music, music lovers, students, and teachers. It is one of the best music learning products ever created.

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Affiliate Program
Our extensive affiliate program allows you to make money just by placing a banner or text ad on your site. Our affiliate program works similar to many other online affiliate programs, except we really believe in rewarding your efforts. Where most affiliate programs only give you a measly 5-10% commission, our commissions rate starts at a whopping 25% on our website.

How does it work?
You simply place a banner ad on your site with your special affiliate code, and when someone clicks on the banner, a cookie tracks the clicks. After someone purchases a product, you get credit for that purchase. You have the ability to log into your account and check your affiliate sales. Payments are made once a month or depending on sales. As an added bonus, our cookies last for a whole year! This means that even if someone clicks on your banner and it brings them to our store, if they purchase any item within a year, you still get credit!

Want to sell your product on our site?
If you already have a product that you think would fit well with our product offering. If you have a downloadable product such as instructional videos, E-literature such as books, LMS lessons, Music, or MIDI, then we can re-sell your products via downloadable goods. You sign-up as a partner and we customize an affiliate plan for your product. After someone purchases your product, you receive the appropriate percentage and we pay you per month.

Send an E-mail to: to submit a product.

Thank you for considering our affiliate program and we hope that you will consider becoming a partner of one of top software products ever created for music teachers and students.

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